Welcome to Brymar Weimaraners

At Brymar Weimaraners we are committed to the excellence of the Weimaraner breed.  We  produce Weimaraners for show, hunting, field trials and hunt tests and most especially family companionship.

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Please do not submit messages to me on this site.  I get so much spam that I rarely read them.  Please email or call me directly.  Thanks a bunch!



7 Responses to Welcome to Brymar Weimaraners

  1. Tammy Todd says:

    Looking for a female weimeraner. We just lost ours a couple months ago and had him for 12 years. Love the breed. we also have a GSP and she needs a playmate and hunting buddy

  2. Teri says:

    Hello! Do you have any upcoming litters planned? We are looking for a quality male Weimaraner for a pet and to show. Thanks!

  3. Laini Long says:

    I am looking for a female weimaraner with full registration, do you currently have any available?

  4. Elma Brenman says:

    Got your name from a customer looking for a Weim pup.
    I am a breeder. You can check me out on Facebook: Grey Ghost Ranch.
    I want to find a good AKC stud for 2 of my females.
    They are daughters to my wonderful male, The Eyes Have It.
    They are, of course, AKC registered. Always have problem finding someone with a good
    AKC male to use for stud. Have used CKC males in the past for this reason.
    Please contact me one way or the other.
    Thank you. Elma Brenman

    • brymar says:

      Elma, I cannot find any of your dogs in the OFFA database. I’m sorry but I do not breed any dogs that have not had their hips certified free of hip dysplasia. I’d be glad to visit further if you have had this done and I just cannot find it.

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